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Yarn Delivery!

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Today I received TWO (!!) packages in the mail.  One contained my new Coastal Knits book, and the other was full of Knit Picks yarn.  🙂  I’ve been eyeing a couple sweaters in Coastal Knits (mainly Bayside Pullover and Rocky Coast Cardigan), so this book is a great addition to my library.


Pictured above is Dishie in “Aster” and “Pomegranate,” and Galileo in “Pearl” and “Valentine.”  I bought the Dishie for two market bags I’d like to try, Ilene Bag and Let’s Go Shopping Market Bag, and the Galileo is for a Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater and Heart Hat for Baby.

Sorry, linking doesn’t seem to be working for me today, so here are the patterns I referenced:—market-bag

I plan on adding the hearts from the baby hat to the bottom of the sweater so they match.  It’ll be my first foray into stranded knitting, so wish me luck!



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