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Please Don’t Pool Socks – Fifth Progress Report

Oh boy.  I’ve been a ginormous slacker.  :/


Instead of knitting, I’ve been spending time with Eva during the day and laying awake in bed for hours upon hours at night.  I’ve developed this terrible insomnia that leaves me too tired to knit, but not tired enough to sleep.  It’s torture!  I should have finished these socks days ago, but I definitely haven’t.  At least I’ve made it to the foot.  That’s the homestretch, right?

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Please Don’t Pool Socks – First Progress Report

I seem to be on a sock kick.  Last night I wound my hank of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Bittersweet,”  and of course I couldn’t stop myself from casting on a new pair.  I’m using the Vivace Socks pattern from Ravelry, but I omitted the picot cuff and replaced it with a ribbed cuff.  I wanted a very simple stockinette pattern so the yarn could be showcased properly.


The colors are a little off in the picture.  The yarn is actually a very vivid mix of orange, pink, and purple.  I’m really excited that I seem to be getting gauge with the needle called for in the pattern.  (2.75mm)  The fabric is a whole lot floppier than I’m accustomed to knitting.  I hope the socks hold up when they’re done!  

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Gentleman’s Fancy Socks – Complete!

Last Thursday I finished Kai’s socks.  I am so happy to have them off the needles!


These were knit with 2.5mm needles and Patons Kroy FX in “Cadet Colors.”  I really like how the yarn striped, but I can’t say if I’d use this yarn again until I see how it wears.  I did notice that the yarn is thicker than most fingering weights, so anyone choosing to use it should take that into consideration.

I stupidly forgot to measure the socks before giving them to Kai, and since they’re on his feet right now, I can’t exactly measure them.  However, I knit the pattern exactly as written.  Kai’s shoe size is about a 10.5, and the pattern specified 9.5 to 10.5, so I’m assuming my measurements are pretty close to the pattern’s measurements.  Once I have the chance to measure them, I’ll record my findings on my project page.  (

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Yarn Delivery!

Today I received TWO (!!) packages in the mail.  One contained my new Coastal Knits book, and the other was full of Knit Picks yarn.  🙂  I’ve been eyeing a couple sweaters in Coastal Knits (mainly Bayside Pullover and Rocky Coast Cardigan), so this book is a great addition to my library.


Pictured above is Dishie in “Aster” and “Pomegranate,” and Galileo in “Pearl” and “Valentine.”  I bought the Dishie for two market bags I’d like to try, Ilene Bag and Let’s Go Shopping Market Bag, and the Galileo is for a Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater and Heart Hat for Baby.

Sorry, linking doesn’t seem to be working for me today, so here are the patterns I referenced:—market-bag

I plan on adding the hearts from the baby hat to the bottom of the sweater so they match.  It’ll be my first foray into stranded knitting, so wish me luck!