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Pathetic Garden Update


I thought I’d share with you all a few pictures of my very pathetic garden.  I’m still holding out hope that it’ll perk up a little.  :/


Teeny Tiny Garden

Unfortunately my peppers I grew from seed aren’t doing that well.  I bought the jalapeno plant, which is doing okay, and I also bought the two tomato plants.  In addition, I have two more tomato plants in pots off-camera.  I’m waiting for Kai to add onto my garden so I can plant them.


Jalapeno Peppers


Roma Tomatoes

I have cages for the tomato plants, but they’re still at my mom’s house.  I’ll probably bring them over this weekend.  My hope is that the tomato plants will flourish and provide me some sort of reward for my gardening efforts.  I suppose I should be impressed with any and all gardening triumphs, no matter how small, when I take into consideration Eva’s presence.  She’s not exactly pro-activities not related to Eva at the moment.  🙂


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5 thoughts on “Pathetic Garden Update

  1. I’m sure your little garden will grow nicely with tender loving care. Good luck for a prosperous garden.

    • Thank you! I sure hope it starts to look better!

      • It will…perhaps a little organic fertilizer would help.

      • I tried putting some fertilizer down. It looks a little better now. The tomatoes have really perked up. My peppers are still looking a little sad, though. :/

      • Give it time and a consistent wanting schedule. I’m glad the fertilizer helped. Your going to do fine. At the end of the growing season maybe you could add a little compost. I use a product called MooDoo but there are many out there. I really helps make your soil better each year.

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