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Eva took time out of her busy schedule to put on a performance for us in her bouncer.  She’s been getting much better at bouncing now that she’s a little bigger.  Today’s showing focused on Eva’s uncanny ability to bounce whilst falling asleep.  It was the cutest thing ever!  I even videotaped it.  🙂


It kind of went like this – Eva would bounce furiously, then her bouncing became weaker and weaker until her eyes closed and she was still.  Every time I tried to remove her from the bouncer, she’d stir and start bouncing again.  I should warn anyone who’s interested in trying this at home that sleep bouncing works up an appetite and requires the participant to consume at least 2 containers of baby food afterwards.

Eva’s talents aren’t just limited to sleep bouncing.  She can also slap vocabulary books:


Eva reads a book.

and munch on faces:


Zombie Eva


What a talented baby!


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