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Mom’s Owl Sweater – First Progress Report

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I’ve started another knitting project!  This time it’s an adult-sized sweater.  🙂

I promised my mom an “Owl Sweater” a long time ago.  Things didn’t work out, and I’ve been sitting on that promise ever since.  I’ve knit this sweater before, so everything should go smoothly.


I’m using Cascade Eco Wool in “Chocolate.”  I chose to knit the largest size because I’m an incredibly tight knitter, and my mom doesn’t like to wear skin tight clothing.  Last time I knit this, I made a ton of modifications due to my gauge.  This time I’m just going to go with the pattern (mostly) and hope it blocks out to the correct size.  I know this wool blooms from experience.

I’m omitting the waist shaping per Mom’s request and calculating where to add certain elements by measurement, not row amount.  (In other words, the pattern says “knit 16 rows, then do ‘x.'”  I will instead knit 3 inches, then do ‘x.’)  My owl sweater took 15 days to complete.  I’m guessing this one will take a little longer since I no longer have guaranteed knitting time.  As long as it’s done by winter, I’ll be happy.

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