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My Beautiful, Blueberry-ful Backyard

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I took a peek at my backyard today to see how my wild blueberry bushes are doing.  I’m pleased to report that they have begun production:


The start of something beautiful!

Kai has been working out back every chance he gets.  He really loves having a yard, and now that he’s got a sizeable one, he’s got his hands full!  I knew he had been working on making a path through the woods, but I hadn’t seen it since the foliage started to fill out.


Doesn’t it look awesome?  I’ve dubbed it “The Nurmikko Nature Trail.”  I’d love to put up nest boxes back there in the future.  I bet the woods is full of cool birds. 

The one downside to living so close to nature is the ticks.  We have a ton of them out this way.  I’m trying to convince Kai that our best option for tick control is to get some guinea hens.  I read that they love to eat ticks and do a pretty good job keeping them at bay.  He’ll break down soon.  I know it.  🙂


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