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Gull Lace Jacket – Complete!


Boy have I really been slacking on the posting front.  I hope that comes to an end real soon!

Today I have a finished object to share with you, Eva’s Gull Lace Jacket.


I used Knit Picks Simply Cotton in “Bermuda Heather” and size 6 needles.  The pattern was pretty simple, but I did put stitch markers every 7 stitches once I got to the lace portion to help alert me of mistakes.  I knit in front of the TV, so mistakes happen often.  🙂


Close-up shot of the gull lace.

For some reason the pattern asks you to cast on the neck stitches over a series of rows.  I would have preferred it was all done at once.  I think the subtle dip the gradual cast on creates looks messy.  I also didn’t like the look of the button flap called for in the pattern, so I made buttonholes instead.



I added 3 little frosted shank buttons to complete the sweater.  I think it turned out quite pretty!  It looks like it’ll fit Eva right away, so I’m sure she’ll be wearing it out and about this week!

*Pattern can be found on Ravelry by searching “Abigail Sweater.”


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2 thoughts on “Gull Lace Jacket – Complete!

  1. That’s really cute–and I love that blue!

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