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Gnome Hat – Sixth Progress Report

I thought for sure I’d have this thing finished today.  Eva had other plans, though.  I’ve got 8 more rounds to go:


I don’t like that the purling at the joins caused some laddering.  I really hope that either blocks out or is invisible when worn.  I tried my hardest to pull the stitches at the joins as tightly as possible (and when I’m pulling tight, you know it’s tight), but I just couldn’t avoid those darn ladders.  :/  Other than that, it’s a cute little gnome hat.  🙂


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Garden Visitor

While perusing my lovely violas this afternoon, I happened upon this:


Variegated Fritillary

Yes, that would be a caterpillar EATING one of my violas.  Now I know who’s been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of my flowers.  I googled this little guy and discovered that it’s a Variegated Fritillary.  The butterfly it will eventually become is ugly in my opinion, but I let it live because I’m nice like that.  🙂

In non-bug news, I have lots of strawberries growing on the strawberry plants in my strawberry planter.  I need to get a net real soon, it appears, because I have a terrible blackbird/squirrel problem in my yard.



If I’m lucky, I’ll get to try an actual homegrown strawberry this year!


I Won!

I’ve made a habit of entering every Knit Picks giveaway that’s advertised on Facebook.  I figure, what’s the harm?  It takes hardly any time, and usually the giveaways point me in the direction of a decent blog.  I never expected to actually win something, but I did!

I entered the Bare Gloss Fingering (70% Merino, 30% Silk) giveaway on the Fresh Stitches blog and wound up with three skeins of wonderful yarn!


Aren’t they magificient?  They’re meant to be dyed, but I’ve never done that before, and quite frankly I’m afraid to try.  I would love to dye these in a gray tonal, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with three skeins of black yarn if I make an attempt.  I think I’ll hold onto them until I work up the nerve to try dyeing.  I thought about maybe making a natural colored shawl, but would that be too boring?

Whatever this yarn becomes in the future, I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.  Thank you Fresh Stitches and Knit Picks!

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Gnome Hat – Fifth Progress Report

I bet you’re tired of hearing about this hat…

I am working on the 13th repeat.  Right now it measures over 5 inches, so I think another two repeats will suffice.


I should’ve been done with this by now, but I’ve come down with a cold.  Constant nose wiping + knitting = disaster.  Eva will forgive me.  She always does.  🙂

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We Have A Sitter!

Eva’s been practicing her sitting skills lately.  She’s been able to sit up on her own for short periods of time since the beginning of the month, but now she’s gotten really good at it.


We can sit!

This new skill makes playing much easier:


Eva sinks the ship!

She even uses her “toned” core muscles to sit up in her swing and turn to spy on people in her highchair.  Eva definitely considers this an upgrade.  🙂

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Cherry Picking

Today Eva and I went cherry picking with my in-laws.  I like cherry picking quite a bit more than strawberry picking because it involves much less crouching, and cherries grow in clumps so the picking is quick.  Eva spent the entire time strapped to me in her carrier (facing out) while I picked.  She “helped” by grabbing every branch, leaf, cherry, and bucket within reach.  I think I spent more time running interference on her mouth than picking!


Just picked cherries!


The fruits of my labor.

I don’t plan to do any canning projects this time around.  It’s too difficult to do that kind of thing with a baby.  I learned that the hard way when I made jam out of the strawberries I picked.  I’m just going to eat as many as possible (which I’ll regret) and share the rest with my mother.  🙂