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Eva’s Elephant – Finished!


I finished Eva’s Elephant this morning.  That thing was the bane of my existence.  Never again!  I’m sure I’m the only idiot who had trouble with the increasing in this pattern, but it was enough trouble that I’m turned off from ever knitting another elephant.


Pieces of an Elephant

I finished all the pieces last night and seamed the legs and head to the body.  This morning I attached the ears and tail.  I did not put a tassel on the tail as called for in the pattern because I do not trust that I can make a tassel that Eva can’t unravel.  The ears are also different from the pattern.  Not by choice, though.  They looked really crappy when I made them following the pattern instructions.  :/



For this project I used some chunky gray acrylic yarn and aran weight pink yarn.  Both came from stash.  The elephant measures 8 inches from head to rump and 5 inches high.  I used a larger needle than called for in the pattern, size 7.

I am much more pleased with how this turned out as opposed to the bunny I made for Easter.  I seem to be better at knit amigurmi than crochet amigurumi.

Now it’s time to make a sweater!


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