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Eva’s Elephant – Second Progress Report

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I’ve made a little more progress on Eva’s elephant.  She now has four legs:


Elephant Legs!

I’m thrilled to be moving on to the body.  The legs were starting to wear on me.   :/

My sister, Rae, came over today to learn how to crochet.  She is (to put it lightly) a button freak.  When she found out how many buttons I have, she couldn’t help but sift through them.  She selected a sampling to take home with her.  I’m pretty sure the crocheted pouch she’s making is intended for her buttons.  Lol!


Rae searching through a portion of my button stash.

The hammock I ordered earlier in the week arrived today, and I couldn’t resist putting it together.  It was kind of cold and windy today, so nobody spent much time in it.  I did have Kai snap this picture, though:


Eva and Mommy in the new hammock.

I look forward to spending the mild days of spring rocking in the hammock.  It even fits on the porch!

I’ll leave you with that since tomorrow is a big day – Eva’s first Easter!  I hear the Easter Bunny will be paying us a visit.  😉


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