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Eva’s Elephant – First Progress Report

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Around 8:30pm this evening I started knitting an elephant for Eva.  I’ve been wanting to make this little guy (or gal) for a while, but never worked up the nerve.

I’ve made extensive progress as you can see (haha):


Elephant Leg!

Hey, it’s a start.  I’m going to make a traditional elephant.  She’ll be all gray except for her feet, the tip of her trunk, and the inside of her ears.  Maybe I’ll give her a bow or a flower for her head!

Little Eva is still cute as ever, of course.  Below is a picture of her chomping on a piece of cold celery during our weekly visit to my in-laws’ house.  She likes to chew stuff.  Especially cold stuff.  I don’t see any teeth, yet, so I can’t say whether she’s teething or not.  I didn’t get teeth until I was 14 months old, so we may be in for the long run.  🙂


Eva chewing on some celery.


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