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Lacy Shoulder Pullover – Complete!

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I finished Eva’s Lacy Shoulder Pullover this morning:


Lacy Shoulder Pullover

I made a couple modifications – knitting the body shorter than instructed in the pattern (12 inches) and doing only 4 rounds of ribbing at the bottom as opposed to 10.  I was able to knit the whole thing with one skein of Lion Brand Cotton Ease.  If I were to knit it again and follow the pattern exactly, I’d need two skeins.  I should also mention that I went down a needle size.  I used size 6 for the ribbing and size 7 for everything else.


Back of the Lacy Shoulder Pullover


Close-up shot of the strawberry buttons.

I added some cute strawberry buttons to give the top a pop of color.  (I had been going back and forth between the strawberries and black scottie dogs.)  Only the top buttonhole “works.”  The other two are just for show.

I think this turned out really cute.  I’ll be adding it to Eva’s stash of handknits until she’s big enough to wear it.  🙂


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