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Jingle Balls!

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Since I finished the Lacy Shoulder Pullover earlier today, I needed something else to do.  I have more sweaters lined up for Eva (and a couple for myself), but the yarn I need to complete these projects hasn’t arrived yet.  (Yes, I ordered more yard.  Bad Meghan!)  I was browsing my Ravelry queue for something small to make when I noticed a pattern I saved a while back called “Oh Balls!”  It’s a basic pattern for 2.5″ diameter spheres.  I was hesitant to attempt making a sphere since my last three dimensional project came out pretty eh.  I convinced myself to give the spheres a try since they are knitted, and my last disaster was the result of a crochet pattern.

I’m so glad I took a crack at it because they came out perfect:


These balls were super quick to knit and a ton of fun.  I stuffed them with poly-fil stuffing and little jingle bells so they rattle.  🙂  I used various acrylic yarns from my embarrassingly huge acrylic stash (now I know better ;P), and I plan to make more tomorrow if my hands feel okay by then.  (They’re a bit sore from the dpns.)  I’d like to make some embellished balls.  I’m thinking felt, safety eyes, etc.  I’ll have to be careful, though, as I want to avoid any and all choking hazards.  I bet these would look really cute with buttons for older children.

I can’t wait to show these balls to Eva tomorrow.  I made her a bright yellow one in the hope that it catches her eye.  She loves bright colors and reaches for all things yellow.  But hey, if she doesn’t like them, I’ll play with them myself!


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