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Lacy Shoulder Pullover – Second Progress Report


I don’t have too much progress to report, but I’ll share a picture anyway:


I’ve split for the sleeves and started knitting in the round.  Joining the sweater in the round was a bit tricky for me.  It involved a three needle bind off, which I’ve never done before.  The join looks a little messy, and I can see on the inside that I’ve split a ply (Nothing that will affect the integrity of the sweater.  It’s invisible to any normal person.  I just analyze way too much.), but I think that once I pick up for the ribbing on the sleeves, it’ll look fine.

So there you have it.  Just a couple more miles of stockinette, a little ribbing, and this thing will be done!


Author: Moby Knit


2 thoughts on “Lacy Shoulder Pullover – Second Progress Report

  1. Oh I just love how this is coming along! I’ll have to add it to my queue!

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