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Plant Progress


I think it’s about time for an update on my plants’ progress.  Up first, my dark purple African violet:


A seedpod? Maybe?

I’m hoping that that right there is the beginning of a seedpod.  This particular plant has more than one of these swollen looking things, so I may be wrong.  I’m going to try to think optimistically, though.  I did hand-pollinate more than one flower.

My bell pepper seedlings are looking awesome.  I’ve never had pepper seedlings get this big, so I’m in uncharted territory!


Bell Pepper Seedlings

The two different kinds of sunflowers I planted are growing bigger every day:


Mexican Sunflower Seedlings


Black Oil Sunflower Seedlings

The violas have begun to grow their true leaves:


Viola Seedling

The carnations are slowly adding height:


Carnation Seedlings

The foxgloves are getting bushy:


Foxglove Seedlings

And my one lonely columbine seedling is doing well:


Columbine Seedling

I’m so excited that we’ve finally hit April.  Only another month’s wait until I can transfer these guys outside!

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6 thoughts on “Plant Progress

  1. Very cool! It does look like a seed pod is developing on your violet, and they can have more than one on a plant. Now comes the part that will try your patience, it can take upwards of six months for the pod to fully mature… yikes! Waiting is the hardest part for me. Good luck, at least you have all your other baby plants to entertain you in the meantime. 🙂

    • Thanks! I see that one of my violets has powdery mildew again. Not sure what I’m doing wrong at this point. My violets are all spaced out for optimum air flow, I don’t over water, etc. Maybe some are just more susceptible than others?

      At least the one with the seed pods is doing well.

      • Fortunately I haven’t had mildew issues in years but here’s the info I have on it: violets bloom best in higher humidity, mildew thrives in high humidity with moderate to low temps. If you keep air dry enough to prevent mildew your violets probably won’t bloom as well.
        Ideas to help control, increase air circulation with low running fans, avoid temps that are always below 70 as humidity increases with lower temps.
        Using lysol to wash down where you keep the plants and even misting the plant very lightly with the aerosol after removing any affected blossoms might help.
        I don’t know if any of that will help but just some of the info I have to help me deal with issues as they come up. Hope your prego violet stays healthy.

  2. So what ever happened to your seed pod? I was trying to find out what this is on mine. It looks just like the bottom picture.

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