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Lacy Shoulder Pullover – First Progress Report

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To recover from my amigurumi disaster, I started Eva another sweater.  This time it’s a short sleeved pullover.


Time to split for the sleeves!

The pattern is called “Hine…is a girl” on Ravelry.  It’s free (my favorite kind) and really cute.  It only comes in one size, 18-24 months, so this will be a garment Eva won’t be wearing for a while.

I chose a skein of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in “Stone” from my stash to use for this project.  I now wish I had used the dark purple, which I had passed up since I had two skeins of “Stone.”  I think one skein will be more than enough.  Maybe Eva will have two of these sweaters…

As I write this, I’m about to split for the sleeves.  I’m so glad to be done with the lace.  The way the pattern is laid out tricks my eyes, and the lace isn’t exactly intuitive (at least to me).  I had to shut off the TV so I could concentrate.  I don’t like doing that!

If all goes as planned, the rest of this sweater should be easy peasy.  I’m excited to see the result!

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