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Eva’s Easter Bunny


As promised, I’ve been working on a stuffed animal for Eva.  I made her a little bunny for Easter using Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in “Ivory.”




The eyes are safety eyes, the nose is made from embroidery floss, the feet pads are made from felt, and the ears have fabric lining.  I’m not too thrilled with how this turned out.  I’m really bad at seaming, not too good at embroidery, and so-so at crocheting.  I’m afraid the ear lining will fray since the edges aren’t turned under (per the pattern, you’re just supposed to cut them out and sew them on).  I sat the little bunny on our end table by the couch until Eva is old enough to be interested in her.

Anyway, I think I should stick to clothing.  I’m much better at that.  🙂

Author: Moby Knit


5 thoughts on “Eva’s Easter Bunny

  1. Well, *I* think the bunny is cute. 🙂

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