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Pink & Gray Stripey Sweater – Complete!


Last night I finished Eva’s Pink & Gray Stripey Sweater:


Pink & Gray Stripey Sweater

I am very pleased with the finished product.  I used a whole skein and a fraction of another skein of Knit Picks Simply Cotton in “Basalt Heather” and less than one skein of Simply Cotton in “Dogwood Heather.”  I managed to squeak out the whole sweater minus the buttonbands with one skein of “Basalt Heather.”  I used 3 different sizes of needles: 6, 7, and 8.  I used the 6’s for the ribbing, the 7’s for the body of the sweater, and the 8’s for the in-the-round part of the sleeves.  My in-the-round gauge is much smaller than my flat gauge, and my work ends up looking unsightly if I continue with the same size needle I was using to knit flat.


Close-up shot of wooden buttons.

Back when I went to Hobby Lobby, I picked up some 1 inch wooden buttons to add to this sweater.  I sewed them on with pink yarn.  Aren’t they perfect?  I also employed a new-to-me technique during this project – the one row horizontal buttonhole.  (Well, they ended up being vertical since the buttonbands were added on at the end, but you catch my drift.)  I had a really difficult time calculating how to space the buttonholes and ended up having to resort to trial and error.  They look fine now, but if I’m ever going to use this technique in the future, I’m going to have to learn the intricacies so I can place the buttonholes with ease.


Back of Pink & Gray Stripey Sweater.

All in all this was a really fun knit, and I’m sure I’ll make another one someday.  It isn’t going to fit Eva any time soon, but I’ll be glad to have it come fall!

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4 thoughts on “Pink & Gray Stripey Sweater – Complete!

  1. Way too cool! I have no talent when it comes to something like knitting/crocheting, way to free form. For “needle” art I’ve always stuck to cross-stich and the like. I have a pattern and gridlines. I go in here, count this many over, and come up here… lol. Silly I know but I like the structure. Left brain creativity for you. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words! This sweater looks more complicated than it actually is. I’m not as big a knit whiz as I let on. 😉

      I’ve done a little cross-stitch, but it frustrates me. The yarn always tangles, and I don’t know any of the fancy stitches. I spent 30 minutes trying to do a french knot one time. :/ We all have our talents!

    • Oh, and by the way, Word Press isn’t letting me comment on your posts. I’m not sure what’s going on. I will try again using my phone later. :/

      • Odd… I know it has acted up on me before as well when I’ve tried to comment on other’s. I did get your comment about the daffodils and the purple violet at least. Gotta love technology sometimes.

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