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Plant Progress


The last of the seeds have started to sprout – my columbines!


Columbine Seedling

Now it’s time to wait and see if my “babies” will survive til the end of April when they are scheduled to be transferred outside.


Pansy Seedling

The peppers are doing well.  I’m having much more luck with them this time than I did years ago in my parents’ house.


Bell Pepper Seedlings

I still haven’t separated my cantaloupe plants.  That’ll probably happen tomorrow.


Cantaloupe Plants

Yesterday my father-in-law came over and installed another bird feeder.  This one will be in the center of my soon-to-be garden.  No birds on the new feeder yet, but my other bird feeder started getting traffic yesterday.  So far I’ve seen chickadees, tit mouses (mice?), and a cardinal.


For those concerned, Eva is doing well.  Here she is enjoying her rattle while working out on her gym:


She has started reaching for things and is especially interested in people’s drinking glasses.  We have to be careful, now, because she’s knocking stuff over.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Plant Progress

  1. Thanks for sharing and here’s wishing your seedlings longevity until you can plant them and beyond.

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