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This Is For The Birds

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My mom gave me a bird feeder yesterday as an early birthday present because she won’t be around tomorrow (my actual birthday).


Birthday bird feeder from Mom.

It’s one of those squirrel proof ones.  She also gave me a bag of black oil sunflower seeds to put in it.  I put it outside today, but it’s sort of in a bad location.  I don’t have a bird feeder hanger yet, so I had to put it on a tree limb…that I could reach.


Bird feeder hanging in one of our trees.

I’m sure the birds will be pleased with the location, but I won’t have an easy time admiring them.  😦


Darby and Xerxes enjoying the sunshine.

Darby and Xerxes supervised the hanging of the bird feeder.  They’ve been enjoying their fenced yard since we bought the house back in August.

As always, I have some sprout pictures to share:


Black oil sunflower sprouting.


My peppers finally sprouted!  I was so sure they wouldn’t!  At this point everything has shown some sort of growth expect for the columbines.  I don’t know what’s going on with them.  I’ll give them a little more time before I deem them a failure.

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One thought on “This Is For The Birds

  1. I love bird feeders but had to give them up where I currently live because of a local vermin issue… 😦 I’m sure you’ll be posting pics of birdies in no time.

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