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Sprouts – An Update


It’s time, again, to share with you the progress of my seedlings.  Up first – my regular potato:


Regular Potato

This guy has just started to show growth.  The bottom actually rotted out, so I cut it off.  It’s starting to smell pretty bad again.  :/  I’m not sure it’ll make it, but I’m keeping it for now.  The sweet potato still isn’t showing signs of life.  I’m afraid it will rot, too.


Carnation Seedlings

My carnation seedlings are getting bigger and bigger every day.  This is a poor picture, but you can see that lots of sprouts are forming.  I will have to do some separating soon.


Viola Seedling

I saw two viola sprouts this morning.  Above is one of them.


Foxglove Seedlings

As I mentioned before, I thought I saw my foxgloves germinating, and I was right.  They are very, very tiny.  Such small seedlings for what will be very large plants!


Pansy Seed Germinating

Here’s a shot of one of my pansy seeds germinating.  It’s hard to tell, but the seed is in the center of the photo (it kind of looks like a fertilizer chunk), and you can see the root forming on the right side.  These seem to be very slow growers.


Cantaloupe Seedlings

My cantaloupe seedlings are out of control!  They are huge!  I hope they’ll survive being separated because I’m going to have to do that in a few days.


African violet flowers after being sprayed with fungicide.

My African violets aren’t looking so hot.  All the flowers have been burned by the fungicide treatment.  I really hope the powdery mildew is gone, and the plants are on their way to being healthy again.


Eva and Jacqueline

Eva and I went to visit Grammy the Elder today.  She’s been laid up with a broken patella and needed a little cheer.  Jacqueline was over helping her and Great Grandpop, so we had a little visit.  Eva was cheerful for about half of the visit.  Then she turned into a terror.  She has a limit, and after picking up her Grandpop from his blood transfusion and visiting with Uncle Robert earlier in the day, she had met it.

Grammy the Elder is doing as well as can be expected.  She does not like to be laid up.  Great Grandpop is doing a little better.  He gets to move around, at least.  Eva watched him do laps around the house in his walker.  🙂  The two of them need constant supervision now that they are both recovering, so the family has been taking turns staying with them.  It’s hard to watch Gram sit in one place all day.  She is usually such an active person. 

If I get a free moment one of these days, I’d like to clean up her gardens.  She has such beautiful gardens, and I’d like for her to have something nice to look at while recovering.


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2 thoughts on “Sprouts – An Update

  1. Thanks for the update. I know it’s hard to do but your violet would have an easier time recovering if you picked off all the flowers. It would make the plant stronger I the long run too if it pulls through. Just a thought…

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