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The Last Of My Handywork…For Now


I finished all of my planting yesterday, and boy am I glad.  I am so exhausted.  I doubt I’ll be doing any more until mid-April when I break up the soil and put my bulbs and vegetables in.


Part of my viola collection.

I’ve included close-up shots of the three different colors of viola I planted.  I hope they show up.  I’ve been having trouble with my WordPress app.  It randomly chooses pictures from my post that it doesn’t wish to publish.  I then have to go back in and try to reload them.  Problem is, the app doesn’t display new posts unless I turn my phone off and leave it off for at least five minutes.  Can’t exactly edit a post when it isn’t listed!  Sometimes I just leave the pictures out.  It’s too much trouble.




Now that I have no energy and no money, I’ll be turning my attention back to knitting.  Maybe I can get that dang hat finished.  ;P


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2 thoughts on “The Last Of My Handywork…For Now

  1. Sorry the app & phone are making posting difficult. I’m glad the violas showed up as I am rather partial to flowers of that style… :-). Good luck on the hat

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