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Planting Pansies (Violas) – Part 2

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I took to the outdoors today and planted some flowers I bought last night.  The planting isn’t complete (Kai’s out for a bit, so I’m on baby duty), but I intend to finish later today.  I’ll share pictures of my handywork once it’s done.

I chose violas in three different colors to fill in the spaces around the shrubs in my front beds.  I’m also planting them along the left side of my house for a little extra pizzazz.


Aubrieta Axcent

I bought two Aubrieta Axcent plants (perennials, yay!) to plant on either side of the stairs leading up to the front door.  They are supposed to grow larger and mound.  Looking forward to it!  🙂

On the sprouting front, I have very exciting news.  Not only have more of my carnations sprouted, my cantaloupes are starting to sprout, too!


Cantaloupe Sprout

Oh, goody!

Upon examining my seed tray, I think I see my pansies and foxgloves germinating.  (They were surface sowed.)  These are much better results than I expected.  Now I have to try my best to not kill the seedlings.  Fingers crossed!

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