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Bulbs, Bulbs, & More Bulbs


I went shopping today with my mom to buy another package of pansies to fill in the rest of her front yard garden.  While out I picked up some more plants for my garden (I’ll write more about them after they’re planted) and a bunch of bulbs.


Begonias, Cannas, and Freesias

I love those orange begonias.  I think they’ll look fabulous on the right side of my house where it’s shaded.


Lilies and Glads

The instructions for all of these bulbs say to plant them in April-May.  That gives me some time to map out where I want everything.  🙂

I also bought more flower seeds.  (I know, I know.  I need to stop.)  I’ll be sowing them outdoors once in gets warmer.  I have no more room for indoor sowing.  I think I’ll plant these out by the telephone pole.


Orchid Food, Fungicide, African Violet Fertilizer

Due to that whole powdery mildew mess that is some of my African violets, I picked up some fungicide, too.  It’s too cold outside to spray them on the porch, so I had the brilliant idea of putting them in the tub for their fungicide bath.  Now I have a headache.  :/


My African violets preparing for their fungicide bath.

I drenched my lovelies in fungicide, turned the fan on, and ran out of there.  I’ll probably let them dry overnight before returning them to their spots.  I hope the treatment works.  They’re too pretty to die!

Tomorrow is supposed to be absolutely beautiful, so I hope to be outside weeding and planting.  If you’re lucky, I’ll share some pictures with you.  🙂


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3 thoughts on “Bulbs, Bulbs, & More Bulbs

  1. I thought I’d read this post but evidently not… been running a little behind. The violets are/were lovely, how are they doing now? Or has that already been posted and I’m just running in circles? 🙂

    • Nope, nothing’s been posted! I’m slacking on the plant front. :/ They seem to be fine, now. I haven’t noticed any more signs of disease, but then again, I haven’t really been looking that close at them. I *think* one of my violets may be forming a seed pod. I’ll have to make a post about it!

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