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Planting Pansies

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Before I delve into the pansy extravaganza that is my front yard, I’d like to brag about the weather here in South Jersey.  It is absolutely amazing.  As I write this, it is close to 70 degrees, and the sun is shining.  There’s a bit of wind, but nothing extreme. 

What’s a girl to do on a day like this?  Make weed bouquets, of course.  I was out in the yard scattering morning glory seeds given to me by my mother-in-law when I came across these small, blue flowers.  Enthralled, I picked a bunch along with my yard’s weed version of baby’s breath to put in a bud vase on the kitchen windowsill.


Morning glory seeds


Weed flower!


Much to my dismay, most of the flowers fell off before I could get the vase to the windowsill.  I have no idea what that was about.

In addition to picking and displaying weeds, I went to Shoprite to pick up some butter.  I came home with half a cart of food and 30 pansy plants.  I couldn’t help myself.  Pansies are my favorite!


I planted them along the edge of the mulch in my front yard for maximum exposure.


Right Side


Left Side


Front of the house - the sun wasn't helping. :/

My front yard looks a whole lot better now that I’ve planted something colorful.  If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to go to Home Depot this weekend to pick up more early bloomers.  🙂


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