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We’ve Been Attacked!


A couple days ago, I noticed that the flowers on my 99 cent African violet were looking “powdery.”  In a panic, I cut all of them off the stems.  It wasn’t one of my finest moments (I probably should have run to the store and got some spray), but I couldn’t help myself.  I’ve seen this sort of thing kill more than one of my plants.  The violet seems okay, now, but I’m on the lookout.  If anything pops up, I’m buying some spray.


My medium purple violet after a haircut.

I also noticed something strange about my blue/purple violet.  (It looks different depending on the light.)  One of the buds has these white “balls” inside of it.  I’m sure it’s just some malformation, but it’s interesting nonetheless.


Strange bud on my deep blue/purple violet


Author: Moby Knit


2 thoughts on “We’ve Been Attacked!

  1. I hope your problem doesn’t spread or kill your plant. As painful as it may be for you, debudding your violet should make the roots stronger.

    • Thanks for the advice. I saw more powder on another plant, so I started cutting that one, too. I think it may be powdery mildew. I separated those two from the rest of the plants and spread them out for more air circulation. If that doesn’t take care of it, I’ll buy a fungicide.

      I just want it gone!

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