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Growing Flowers From Seeds


Since I’ve been doing all of this vegetable gardening, I thought it might be cool to try to grow some flowers from seeds while I wait for the last frost to pass.  Shoprite had a decent selection of flower seeds, so I picked some up while I was there.


Seed packets from the grocery store!

I picked three different varieties of pansies because they are my favorite flower of all time.  One packet of pansies is an annual, but the other two are perennials.   I had no idea pansies could be perennials, so that was a pleasant surprise.  I also chose some carnations (for cutting), foxgloves (because they caught my eye), and columbines (because I read they attract hummingbirds).




Violas - which look just like pansies to me.



I collected the supplies – the same potting soil I’ve been using, a jumbo egg carton, a spoon (so I don’t get too dirty), and the seed packets.


Supplies for planting flower seeds!

I designated rows for each type of seed so I will know which seedlings are which in the event that they do sprout.  (I know, I don’t have much confidence.)

I filled the egg carton with potting soil…


…and started planting!  I was shocked by the size of some of the seeds.  The pansy seeds were pelleted, but check out these guys:


Viola Seeds


Foxglove seeds

Such itty bitty seeds!  I followed the instructions on each package, watered the carton, and set it on a small table in front of one of Eva’s windows.  I saved what was left of each package to plant outdoors once it’s warmer.

Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “Growing Flowers From Seeds

  1. Good luck! Those Foxgloves look especially pretty!

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