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Potato Time!


The only plant I’ve ever grown successfully was a potato plant in elementary school. I grew it for a science project, and when it got too big to fit on the windowsill, my dad planted it in the garden. It produced many decent sized potatoes come harvest time. Since I doubt I’ll have any luck with the pepper and cantaloupe seeds I planted, I decided I needed at least one success to keep my spirits high.

Last night I took a potato that has eyes from my parents’ house. (My potatoes seem to rot instead of growing eyes. No fair!) I also added a sweet potato from a bag given to me by my mother-in-law into the mix. It doesn’t have eyes like the regular potato, but it’ll work.

I collected the supplies: potatoes, jars, and toothpicks.

Close-up shot of the eyes on the regular potato.

I stuck four toothpicks in each potato so they would be supported in their jars.

I then filled the jars with water and set them on my kitchen windowsill, which faces south.

I look forward to seeing something sprout in my house this season!


Author: Moby Knit


2 thoughts on “Potato Time!

  1. I use this water method to root and sprout sweet potatoes but never done potatoes. Must give it a try.

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