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Salt & Pepper Cabled Thing – Second Progress Report

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I’ve slowly been making progress on the cabled “thing.” It looks like it might work as a hat now, which makes me happy.


I’m on the third cable repeat. I’ll probably be knitting more than the 4 repeats specified in the pattern since it’s looking a little short.

As always, I have another cute Eva picture to share.


Here she is chewing on Mr. Octopus’ hangerdoodle. She’s been directing a lot of things to her mouth, now, including Mr. Zebra’s butt. (I got that on video for future use when she’s 16 years old.) I’m on the lookout for signs of teething, but it’s still quite early. I think she’s just exploring. If she follows in my footsteps, she won’t start teething until she’s 14 months old. 🙂


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