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Early Gardening

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This year’s gardening season will mark the first time ever that I’ll be able to have my own garden. I’m really excited to plant lots of beautiful flowers and vegetables. The flowers will have to wait until I’m ready to buy bulbs, but today I tried planting some peppers and cantaloupes from seeds I collected. I don’t expect much, but if I do get some viable plants, I’ll feel accomplished.

Earlier today I used a red bell pepper to prepare what will be tonight’s dinner. (It’s a crockpot chicken and rice recipe.) I saved some of the seeds for planting along with some seeds from a cantaloupe I was eating last night.

Pepper seeds on the left, cantaloupe seeds on the right.

I filled two takeout containers with regular potting soil (probably not what’s recommended, but it’s what I had on hand) and started with the cantaloupe seeds.

I read that you should make a 1/2 inch hole in the soil, so that’s what I did.

I then threw some seeds in the holes and covered them up.

For the peppers, I sprinkled the seeds on top and covered them with a thin layer of dirt.

Sprinkled pepper seeds.

I set the two containers by the window so they would be exposed to sun and heat. Right now they are behind my other plants (mainly for ease of photographing), but I’ll be moving them sometime tomorrow. It’s kind of late in the day for sun right now.


As always I’ll keep you updated on any progress. I sure hope I get some seedlings!


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