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Strange Occurence

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I mentioned earlier that I have an African violet that’s producing radically different flowers from the ones it produced during its first bloom. Apparently, the situation has gotten even stranger.

This violet is of the Home Depot variety. (Lol). I found it on the clearance rack for 99 cents. I guess it was there because it was small and had no flowers. I took it home to see what would happen. Once it was placed in my dining room window, it quadrupled in size and produced some medium purple, five-petaled blossoms with yellow centers. (It’s actually the fringy stuff that’s yellow. I have no idea what the proper term for that is. Hehe)

I noticed about a week ago that now, during its second bloom (while in my possession), the flowers are looking awfully different. Instead of having five petals, they now have 10+. To make it even more interesting, I just noticed that some of the flowers still have five petals.


Here’s one of the lesser-petaled blooms. I counted five petals with a weird gimpy one in the middle. It’s not fully opened, yet, but I doubt it’s going to grow more petals.


Here’s one of the heavily-petaled blooms. I see at least ten full petals with some small ones in the center.

Yes, these two flowers are on the same plant at the same time. I have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s kind of cool. 🙂

Any ideas, anyone?


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