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Intuitive – Take Two (First Progress Report)

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I decided to knit another Intuitive hat instead of taking on a more demanding project.  I wasn’t about to start a complicated cabled sweater in the middle of the week with no one to tend to Eva.  (I don’t like to put down cables mid-knitting.  I’ll save something like that for the weekend.)  I’ve knit this hat before, so I know it moves quickly.  I started it last night, and I’m already on the third lace repeat.


(This isn’t true to progress.)

I’m using Cascade 220 in a fall orangey color.  I don’t know the colorway because Darby decided to eat the wrapper and drape the yarn all over herself back when we lived in the apartment.  She did that with a lot of my yarn.  Tsk.

The first time I knit this pattern,  I made some modifications.  I will be using those same mods this time, too.  I can’t wait to wear this!

Yesterday Grandpop and Uncle Robert came over to visit Eva.  After spending the better part of an hour crying, she decided to calm down and watch Uncle Robert play with her toys.  Then she took a nap on Grandpop.


Uncle Robert brought over some new games and movies for Daddy, so Eva took some time out of her busy schedule to help Daddy fight the forces of evil.


Aren’t they so cute when they’re engrossed?


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