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The Night of Everlasting Chili

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I spent about an hour in the kitchen today making chili.  I have this thing for making large batches of food and hoping I can freeze a bunch of meal-sized portions.  Every single time I do this, I overestimate the size of my freezer.  Right now, in my refrigerator, I have about 60 pounds of chili packed into every last container I own.  I plan on moving some of it to the freezer, but I like things to be cold before heading there.

If I had the internet on my computer, I would have taken pictures of all my ingredients, my method, and my perfectly arranged final product.  But, I don’t have the internet, so you get a cell phone picture of my unappetizing slop.  🙂


It’s really good.  I swear!  I’m sure it includes all kinds of things that should never come within 10 feet of an “authentic” chili, but my version is cheap, easy, and the both of us enjoy it.  I don’t measure anything, I just keep adding stuff until it looks right.  This time I used the following:

-ground meatball mix (I think it was a pound and a half)
-Italian sausage (10 links – casings removed)
-canned diced tomatoes (5 or 6 large cans, depending on my mood)
-chopped onion (I used half an onion, but more is fine)
-1 lb pinto beans (from a bag, soaked overnight)
-1 lb great northern beans (see above)
-chili powder
-cayenne pepper

I browned the ground meatball mix beforehand, but threw everything else in the pot and let it simmer on the stove for about 4 hours.  Wa la!  Enough chili for the next 4 weeks.  (Or 4 days if you live with Kai.)

Unfortunately, Eva was not able to enjoy Mommy’s wonderful chili.  She did, however, partake in some tummy time.




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