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Eva’s Baby Blanket – I Swear It’s Almost Done

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Today I made pretty good progress on Eva’s blanket.  I’m halfway through the second to last stripe.  I’ve decided to do 4 repeats plus one extra blue stripe to make the blanket look more polished.  I can’t believe I’ve only got another hour’s worth of work to do, and then it’ll be done!

In addition to my wonderful news about Eva’s blanket, I have even more!  I got a new African Violet yesterday.  (I know, my idea of exciting news is pretty lame these days.)  I have this thing for houseplants, and I saw the prettiest violet for $2.49 at Shoprite while I was food shopping.  Of course I couldn’t just leave it there, so I brought it home to sit next to my $0.99 rescued African Violet from Home Depot.  I need to pick up a self watering pot for my new addition, but I think it’ll be okay for a little while in the container it has.  🙂


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