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Eva’s Baby Blanket – Homestretch!

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Today I was lucky and managed to get about an hour (combined) to work on Eva’s baby blanket.  I’m in the homestretch now, requiring only three more color stripes to complete the blanket. 


I’ve already put a lot of thought into my next project, and I think I’m going to make Eva another sweater- something that will fit during the spring.  After that I’m going to make a cabled sweater for my mom.  I can’t wait to get back to knitting.  Crocheting hurts my wrists.  :/

We got snow today!  It made me so happy. 
This winter has been really mild, and I won’t lie, it’s kind of depressing.  I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t mind the inconvenience.  Snow makes everything look so pretty.  In fact, we had a storm on my wedding day last year.  I may be biased, but I think my wedding pictures are downright stunning because of it.  I have a picture of Kai and me standing in the snow, and it’s difficult to see where my dress ends and the snow begins. 

We didn’t get much snow today, but I’ll take anything.  I celebrated today’s “snow day” by staying in and watching the Alien series.  Eva made sure to take two very short naps so she could watch, too.  She’s started to stare at the TV, which is kind of funny and kind of embarrassing.  Right now she’s laying in her gym with her head turned towards the TV.  Kai is playing Madden.  Eva loves to watch Daddy play football.  Ick!



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