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Precious Laughs

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Today we got some decent laughs out of Eva.  She started laughing (consciously) back in December, but they were few and far between and very short.  Today I got a couple good sized ones from her while she was on the changing table (Mommy’s so funny when she plays with Eva’s belly), and Kai managed to get some laughs while hanging over her and staring at her face-to-face.  (Kai, apparently, has a very funny face.)


Daddy wearing Eva as a very heavy necklace.

While every milestone that Eva hits brings us great joy, I can’t help but feel as if she’s growing up way too fast.  Not too long ago she was a tiny newborn who wanted to sleep while I held and rocked her.  Now she wants to sleep in her swing.  She used to fall asleep while I fed her, too, but now it seems those days are over as well.  Before long she’ll be walking, talking, and eating without me having to be present.  I know that each new stage will be just as cute and enjoyable as the last, but I’ll still miss every single one.


Playing on Daddy’s belly.

I managed to get some time to work on Eva’s blanket today.  I wove in most of the existing ends, which is a job in and of itself.  Everything’s coming along nicely, at least.  🙂

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