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Eva’s Baby Blanket – Random Progress Report


I’ve been working on Eva’s baby blanket here and there.  It’s become a “whenever I can” project.  I really hope it’s done by the time I move her into her own room.  (She’s still in mine.  I’m not quite ready to let her go.)  I feel like if I had a good 10 hours of uninterrupted time to work on it, I could finish it.  Unfortunately, I think it’ll be 18+ years before I have that kind of time again.  :/


My cute little Eva with Daddy.  🙂

I keep reading other knitters’ blogs while breastfeeding (Yes, I’ve mastered the art of smartphoning while breastfeeding), and I’m shocked by the claims these women make.   Somehow, they are able to knit while breastfeeding.  Wouldn’t that be heaven?  I can barely tinker with my phone!  I also have yet to figure out how to knit while holding Eva.  It seems I am quite the failure when it comes to mothering and knitting at the same time.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post – photo update!


I’m going to do four color repeats, so I have a little more than one repeat to go.  I thought about doing five, but then I slapped myself.  I would love to move on to another project.  Maybe a sweater for Eva, or socks for me, or that sweater I’ve been promising my mother for years…  Whatever I choose, I’m sure I’ll abandon it after 15 minutes.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Eva’s Baby Blanket – Random Progress Report

  1. It’s looking good! The colors are really cute. I found a rag quilt tutorial that I’m now obsessed with. It’s supposed to be “quick and easy”…

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