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Getting Back On The Horse

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After a three month hiatus, I’m back.  Many things have happened since I last posted.  Huge, life-changing things. 

First, I moved into my very own house.  My husband and I closed on a tiny house out in the woods on August 5th.  It took us forever to move all of our stuff over from our dirty little apartment.  Then it took us forever to unpack.  In fact, we are still unpacking.  I’ve been itching to start making the house look homey, but I haven’t had the time because…

I had my baby!  Eva was born October 26th at 4:25pm via c-section.  I would have preferred to go natural, but little Eva decided to be stubborn and position herself in such a way that natural birth would have been impossible.  Having surgery while awake was scary, but now that I have her, the memory has faded.  I guess that’s nature’s way of convincing you to do it again!

So, as you can imagine, I haven’t been crafting.  At all.  I’ve spent every waking moment changing diapers, breast feeding, and rocking.  I would love to finish Eva’s baby blanket, but I don’t see that happening until she starts sleeping through the night.

It’s all worth it, though.  🙂

My little Eva!

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