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Dad’s Socks – Seventh Update


I finished the first sock a while back, but I am *just* getting around to posting about it.  I don’t like how pointy the toe looks.  I’m hoping some blocking will even it out.

I have begun a new project, which I will post about a little later.  (Yay for new material!)

Here’s hoping the second sock doesn’t take nearly as long…

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Dad’s Socks – Sixth Update

Bet your getting tired of these updates, right?  I promise to document a new project once the first sock is finished.  (I’m going to work on two projects at once.  Hehe!)

The heel has been turned, and I’m quite impressed with it considering I didn’t use a pattern.  I’ve got approximately 5 inches of foot done.  I’m going to knit to 9 inches before beginning the toe decreases (which should last about 3 inches).  I guess I’m in the home stretch at this point.  Dad’s going into the hospital on the 28th, and I’d really like for him to be able to take these along. 

For your viewing pleasure, a grainy cellphone pic of my latest accomplishment!


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Dad’s Socks – Third Update

Folks, last night I knit my first stitch(es) in over a month.  I chose to return to my dad’s socks.  I only knit a couple of rounds, but it’s progress.  At the moment, I have a couple of inches of ribbing completed.  I’ll be working on this project every chance I get in the hope that I’ll have it finished by March.  Pictures will be posted in the coming days.  Yay for jumping back on the bandwagon!