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Wedding Garter – First Update

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Last week I started a wedding garter.  I’m using a pattern I found on Ravelry called “Skinny Lace Wedding Garter,” and I can’t link to it since it’s only available in pdf format.  A quick search on Rav will bring it up, though.

I’ve already bought a bunch of 3/8″ ribbon from the 99 cent bin at Michaels, and I’m having a hard time choosing which ribbon to use. Of course I bought way too many styles, but I know I’ll find a use for all of them eventually. 😉

I’ll probably go with the arglye, but who knows. Since I bought 3/8″ ribbon, I decided to knit the garter on size 1 needles (2.25mm) as opposed to size 0 needles (2.00mm). The pattern calls for 1/4″ ribbon – hence the bigger needles. I’m using size 10 cotton crochet thread in “Queenslace.” It’s an ivory color, which will go nicely with my ivory dress. 🙂

I’ve completed about 3.5 inches of the garter. I’m shooting for 22 or 23 inches. I want lots of ruffling!



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