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Intuitive – First Progress Report

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Oh I did it again!  I started another non-Christmas project!  This time it’s a slouchy hat for my friend, Anne.  She’s been helping me deal with my medical troubles lately, so I think she’s very deserving of a handknit hat.  The pattern is called Intuitive, and it can be found for free on Ravelry.

I’m using Cascade 220 wool and sizes 5 and 8 needles to knit the hat.  The yarn is a deep purple color.  The website doesn’t give it an actual name, just a code, so take my word for it.  I’ve modified the stitch count a bit to accommodate for my heavier yarn choice.  I’ll go into more detail about my mods in my “Finished” post.

So far I’ve done the brim (3 inches – I wasn’t paying attention!) and 2 pattern repeats.  This hat needs to be finished by the end of this week.  I’ve got garter and doilying making to do!

The photo I’m posting shows less progress than is accurate, but at least you’ll be able to see the color!



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