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Zen Cabled Beanie

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Over the past week I’ve been working on yet another Christmas project, the Urban Zen Cabled Hat  My hat didn’t come out as crisp looking as the one that accompanies the pattern, but nonetheless, it’ll do.

Zen Cabled Beanie - Head On


Zen Cabled Beanie - Side View


Kai adds a bit of masculinity to the Zen Cabled Beanie.

I modified the pattern slightly by decreasing the initial cast on number to 90.  Prior experience with Cascade 220 and size 8 needles told me that 100 stitches would result in a slouchy hat.  Since this hat was meant for Mr. Green, slouch was out of the question, and as such, I believe I made the right decision.  A word of warning, though – if you plan to cast on 90 stitches like I did, do NOT P2tog during the set up row.  Just P5, K4 all the way around.  After that, the pattern can be followed exactly as it is written.

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