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Dad’s Socks – First Update

New socks call for a new title, hence “Dad’s Socks.”  I casted (is that even a word?) on for these back on September 9th, but I haven’t gotten very far.  They already look more roomy, though.  It’s been a busy few days, and I expect to be busy with some personal business for quite a while, but I’m determined to make some progress!

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Men’s Socks – The Sad Truth

Last night I tried on the incomplete sock and found that it was a bit snug on me.  I can’t imagine it fitting my dad comfortably, so I’ve come to the conclusion that lots of ripping must take place.  This setback is very upsetting, as I am pressed for time, and now I’m under even more pressure.  I hope this yarn can handle a good frogging.  I am not about to buy more!

I am going to construct my own pattern.  I plan to cast on 72 stitches instead of 64 and go from there.  I’m also going to shorten the length of the sock by 2 or 3 inches.  I doubt my dad would have been pleased with the knee socks I was (unintentionally) making.

Hopefully the new socks will knit up quick.  I’d really like to put this project to the side and forget about it, but then it’ll never get done!

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Men’s Socks – Fourth Progress Report

I don’t have any pictures to share this time, but in keeping with my promise to post frequent updates, I want to report that I am over 5 inches into the foot.  Today I decided that I will be reinforcing the heels and toes of these socks, provided I have enough yarn left over.  I found a simple tutorial to follow, and I’ll post a link to it when the time comes.

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Men’s Socks – Third Progress Report

Well, I’ve finally turned the heel.  One side looks a little wonky, though, but that’s because I had to add a new ball of yarn at the worst place.  (I only bought 5 skeins, and I couldn’t afford to cut the yarn until the bitter end.)  I’m going to attempt to fix up the wonky stitches once the sock is complete.

I knit the leg to 12 inches before starting the heel.  The foot will be 12 inches when finished.  At the moment I’m working on the gussets, but I should be finished with that portion within the next hour.  The only trouble I foresee is another yarn change, as the sport yarn is thick and makes for unsightly joins.

I’m halfway there!

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Men’s Socks – Second Progress Report

In an attempt to keep myself motivated, I’ve pledged to update this blog with frequent progress reports.  In additon, I’ve forbidden myself from working on more than one project at a time – which will ensure that all of my progress reports for each project will show up in an organized fashion.  That said, here is the latest news about my Men’s Socks:


As of this post the leg is 9 inches long. I’m going to knit to 12 inches before starting the heel. If I’m lucky, I may finished the leg tonight. 🙂

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Men’s Socks – First Progress Report

The Christmas crafting rush has begun, and although I have about a million projects lined up, I can only work on one at a time.  Actually, I should only work on one at a time, but that rarely happens.  I’m hoping that by keeping a blog such as this with detailed progress, I’ll be more inclined to stay monogamous to my projects.

I decided it would probably be best to hit the ground running, so I chose to tackle my most time-consuming project first.  My mom told me that my dad has been complaining about how cold his feet get during the winter (why this came up during the summer, I don’t know), so I decided to make him a nice pair of wool socks.  My dad has exceptionally large feet (which I managed to inherit), so I picked a pattern that required thicker yarn and needles than is usual for socks.  The finished socks will be quite simple, but they’ll serve their purpose. 

The pattern I’m using is called Men’s Socks, and it appears to be written for men with large feet.  (I say “appears” because what was considered large in 1936 varies greatly from what we consider to be large today.)  I’m using Knit Picks Stroll Sport Sock Yarn in “Jack Rabbit.”  (As a warning for those interested in trying this particular yarn, I was suprised at the thickness of this yarn once I got it in my grubby little hands.  It’s almost what I’d consider a worsted weight yarn.)  I ordered 5 skeins, and I sure hope that’s enough.

I haven’t gotten too far in my progress, but I did complete the first ribbed cuff last night.  I have elected to knit 3 inches of ribbing as opposed to the 5 suggested in the pattern, and instead of using a basic 1×1 rib, I chose to use twisted ribbing instead.  (Twisted ribbing looks much neater in my opinion.)

So here’s my little tube. It may be small, but it’s a start. I can’t wait to finish!