Daisy Stitch Baby Blanket – Finished!

After two and a half months of knitting, I finally finished the Daisy Stitch Baby Blanket. It was truly a labor of love.

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Daisy Stitch Baby Blanket

This lovely little blanket was knit with Grignasco Merino Gold DK in “Cream” and size 6 needles. I started with 177 stitches instead of the smaller amount called for in the pattern because I wanted a bigger blanket.  Mine ended up measuring 25.25 x 29.5 inches.

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Close-up of daisy stitch.

It’s a bit smaller than what I wanted, but I think it’s big enough for a baby. The yarn is super soft and cuddly, which is awesome!

Edited 022My one complaint is that the top and bottom edges flare.  I couldn’t fix it with blocking, so I’ll have to accept it.  I doubt it’ll be noticeable once the blanket is in use, and the baby won’t care about it one bit!

With a little more than 2 months to go until Baby #3 arrives, I’ve stashed the blanket in a Ziploc bag along with all of the other things I’ve made for him. I foresee a major photo shoot once he arrives!

Baby Antler Hat

I took some pictures today!  :D

Here is the Baby Antler Hat I made to go with the Baby Antler Cardigan I knit a while back.

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Baby Antler Hat

It was a super quick knit.  It took me about a day to complete it, and I wasn’t working on it the whole time.  I used Malabrigo Rios in “Teal Feather” and size 6 and 8 needles.

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Baby Antler Sweater Set

I followed the pattern exactly, so I don’t have any mods to report.  I can’t wait to dress up the baby! :)

Kirsi’s Christmas Dress – First Progress Report

I’ve finished a couple of projects in my absence, but I haven’t photographed them yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon so I can share them! I do, however, have a WIP to share with you guys!

I forget if I mentioned that I’m going to attempt to knit all of my kids Christmas outfits this year. I’m a little crazy, I know. :P I started Kirsi’s Christmas dress yesterday:


I’m still working on the part of the yoke that’s knit flat. I’m not sure how I feel about the pattern, yet. I’ll be able to make a better judgement once I’m further along. I’m knitting the 18 month size and went up two needle sizes to a size 6 to account for my tight gauge and rapidly growing toddler. I hope it fits when I’m finished!

I’m using Malabrigo Sock in “Botichelli Red” or “Boticelli Red.” My tag says “Botichelli,” but Ravelry and various retailers are spelling it “Boticelli.” The yarn fought me during winding, but I prevailed.


If I’m lucky, I might have enough yarn left over to knit a hat for one of the kids. Eva’s been asking for one… :)

They’ve Arrived!

Brood #2 has made its debut!


Aren’t they precious?!

Bluebirds, the Sequel

After successfully raising their first brood of the season, I was surprised to see the bluebirds had gotten right back to business so soon. For a couple days I thought I had seen movement in the bluebird box, and I finally became curious enough to check on it.  Looks like Madam is quite the prolific egg layer:


I think she’s incubating because she’s constantly in the box at this point. It’s hot as Hades over here, so I don’t know how she can handle sitting in that box all day, but then again, I’m not a bird. I’ll check again in the next few days for hatchlings!

Daisy Stitch Baby Blanket – First Progress Report

A few days ago, I started a baby blanket for our baby-to-be. I bought the yarn a while ago when I saw it on sale at Jimmy Beans Wool, but it took forever for me to settle on a pattern. I finally choose this daisy stitch blanket that I downloaded during a promotion.

The yarn I’m using is Grignasco Merinogold in a creamy white. It’s a dk weight 100% superwash merino.  (The pattern called for fingering weight.)  I like substantial baby blankets, so in addition to using a thicker yarn, I cast on 40 extra stitches. Unfortunately, my efforts weren’t sufficient. The blanket is only measuring 29 inches across, and I estimate I’ll get about 26 inches in length before I run out of yarn. :( I hope it blocks out bigger.


I’m not happy that the border is rippling, but I have high hopes that the blocking process will fix that. Other than all of the negative things I just mentioned, I do like the stitch pattern. I think it’ll make for a very warm and cushy blanket!  I’ve only managed to knit 4.5 inches so far, so I need to get my rear in gear and knock this out so I can move on to other things before the little guy is born!

Striped Newborn Stocking Cap

I decided on a whim that my baby-to-be needed a stocking cap for his newborn pictures.  I had some yarn left over from some previous projects, so I combined them to make this super adorable head-topper.

Striped Newborn Stocking Cap

Striped Newborn Stocking Cap

Isn’t it the cutest thing EVER?! I used the Autumn Forest Gnome Hat pattern and modified the cast on number to fit a smaller head.  The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in “Lettuce” and “Plomo.”  I opted for a tassel instead of a leaf or pompom.

The hat is super long, measuring 18.25 inches without the tassel.  I’m envisioning a picture where it is draped down his back while he sleeps on his tummy.  I sure hope it fits once he’s here!

Raveled here.


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